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What is Gamepod ?

Gamepod is the latest in mobile party and event entertainment
The Gamepod is full of the latest gaming technologies available today which include:
XBox One, PS 4 Pro and Nintendo Switch consoles
It boasts a total of Eight 4K Screens for the best gaming experience possible
There are Seven 43 inch 4K Ultra HD screens and one handheld Nintendo Switch inside the Gamepod for some great gaming action
It also has an external 49 inch 4K Ultra HD screen mounted on the side
This can add another dimension to the party or special event (Weather Permitting)

Gamepod has its own 4g internet connection for online games like Fortnite etc.
Our game coaches will be happy to advise about age appropriate games on or before the day of your party

As Gamepod is mobile we bring the party to you, so you can just sit back,relax and let Gamepod entertain your guests
There is a long list of video game titles available from the games locker on board
Gamepod can comfortably accommodate up to 12 gamers inside
Thanks to its comfortable deep cushioned seats and LED mood lighting
The LED Lighting has a whole pallete of colour themes to choose from
Which will set the tone for a great gaming experience no matter what the occassion
Birthday Party, Wedding Reception, Corporate Event, Festival,Company BBQ
or any other special event

Gamepod is based in the North West and our pricing is based on a 35 mile radius of our base in Boyle Co Roscommon
However we will travel Nationwide at an extra charge to cover time and mileage

Gamepod Package Prices

Download Party Invitations Here:
4 Invitations per A4 page
1 Invitation per A4 page

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I make a booking?
A. Contact us through the contact form and please fill in all fields, the more information you provide about your party the easier it will be for us to fulfill your request

Q. Do you require a deposit to make a booking?

A. Yes we do, a 50 deposit is required to secure a booking

Q. How do I make payment for the deposit and booking?

A. Deposits can be paid directly by bank transfer or by bank card over the phone. Details will be provided at the time of your booking. The balance can be paid by the same method 7 days prior to your party or in cash on arrival before the party commences

Q. How many gamers can use the Gamepod?

A. The Gamepod can accommodate up to 12 gamers comfortably. On dry days there is also an outdoor screen available which can occupy another 2 gamers

Q. Do you drive around while the party is on?

A. No absoloutly not, the Gamepod is stationary for the whole event and requires 2 car parking spaces in lenght. We also need to plug an extension lead in for power so need to be within 50 meters of your power supply

Q. Is the Gamepod safe?

A. Yes it is, all of our equipment is checked on a regular basis and electrical appliances are PAT tested by our in house qualified PAT Tester. We take safety very seriously.

Q. Do you provide party food and drinks?

A. No we do not provide food or drinks and for the comfort of all users we operate a strict policy of no food or drinks allowed inside the Gamepod. However as gamers are advised to take one short break during a party this time provides an excellent opportunity for the party host to provide light refreshments outside the Gamepod

Q. Does an adult need to be present during the party?

A. There is no need for an adult to be present inside the Gamepod during the party, as our game coach will make sure the party runs smoothly. That said we do require a responsible adult to be available at the party venue for the duration of the party.

Q. I am concerned my child may connect to an inappropriate game for their age?

A. There is no need for concern, we are very aware of age appropriate gaming and can discuss age ratings with you before or on the day of your party. Gamers can not connect to any game without gamecoach assistance

Q. I have a question that is not in your list above?

A. We love hearing from our customers and will be happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact us through our contact form, send us an e-mail, Facebook messenger or give us a call

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Terms &Conditions

We understand sometimes there is a need to cancel a booking and we will do our best to accommodate you with a change of date if this is the case. If you do need to make a cancellation you must notify us in writing via email. The following terms will apply to cancellations. A full refund will be given when you notify us 4 weeks prior to your event start date. A 50% refund will be given when you notify us within 2-4 weeks prior to the event start date. We will not issue any refund when you notify us within 2 weeks of the event start date.
We will do our upmost to insure your booking is covered at the correct time however In the event of circumstances beyond our control for example traffic, adverse weather etc, we can not be held liable for a late start or in extreme circumstances a cancellation to your booking. This would be a last resort as we want your party to go ahead as much as you do. Should we need to cancel, you will be offered a full refund or a new booking for the next available date that suits you. In the unlikely event of this happening you will be kept fully informed of what is happening as soon as possible reserve the right to ask any person found to be unmanageable, being unreasonable or acting in a manner that may endanger others to leave. Should this happen no refund will be given to the person asked to leave, nor will there be any refund or compensation to the party organiser. All participants must respond to the instructions of the gamepod game coaches for their own safety and enjoyment of the party and also for the safety and enjoyment of the other attendees.
Food and drink will NOT be allowed inside the Gamepod. Smoking is also strictly prohibited.
The organiser of the party is responsible to ensure that parental consent is obtained from the parents or guardians of their party guests to play the games. Our game coaches will advise on game appropriate gaming on the day. More information about age appropiate gaming can be obtained here at the
Pan European Game Information (PEGI) website.
During your party or event we may take photos or videos to use for marketing. These can be made available to you in a digital format free of charge and saved as a memory of your party. If you prefer not to have any photos or videos taken on the day please let us know in advance. Any such images published on social media or on our website which you are not happy with will be removed a.s.a.p. upon request. While we see social media as a fun medium to interact with our customers we do respect everyones opinion.
Any damage caused to our equipment or vehicles will be charged to the client at the full replacement cost. It is the party organisers responsiblity to ensure the ground and surrounding area is fit for use and we can not be held responsible for any damage what so ever caused by our vehicles or by the party guests. A parking space of 2 car lenghts must be provided with good clear access.
The above terms and conditons are issued in good faith and it is our intention that your party should run without any of the above problems.

Gamepod operates a Game Van for birthday parties,kids parties,festivals,gaming party van and family days in Carrick on Shannon, Sligo, Galway, Athlone,Leitrim, Boyle, Co Roscommon, Longford and Mayo. We also will consider events all over Ireland.